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Shining in the Darkness: Monsters List

Thanks go to: Wilson Tam

At the moment the list only shows what some of the monsters drop. I'll soon be adding the amount of gold they drop, how many hit points they have and the amount of experience you'll gain from killing them. I might even add some pictures if you're lucky.

Ghoul 5 Dark Scimitar
Chimera 5 Frost Armor
Syren 5 Mithril Sword
Blackbone 5 Mithril Axe
Dragonfyre 5 Firesword
Bildblok 5 Mithril Armor
Scavenger 1 Wisdom Seed
Death Paw 5 Magic Mirror
Centaurian 5 Steel Armor
Graveroc 5 Steel Lance
Hobgoblin 5 Battle Hammer
Deathmask 4 Doomblade
Troglodyte 4 Steel Shield
Mandagora 4 Barrier Ring
Scizzar 4 Mithril Hood
Hellhound 5 Holy Water
Cerebus 4 Doomstaff
Deathbringer 4 Miracle Herb
Gryphon 5 Steelwhip
Troll 3 Great Flail
Sorcerer 2 Hemp Robe
Reaper 2 Battle Axe
Driffid 2 Smelling Salts
Brikeye 2 Mithril Ore
Billow 2 Holy Water
Lancerot 5 Storm Sword
Gargoyle 5 Darkrobe
Serpi 5 Forbidden Box
Minotaur 1 Short Sword
Toadstool T Leather Shield
Deathgrin T Woven Robe
Collussus 5 Mithril Ore
Kamiliun 5 Herb Water
Guardian 5 Lightrobe
Warhorse 5 Magic Robe
Gollum 5 Super Flail
Living Armor 4 Broad Sword
Smoke W Short Axe
Jackobutch W Wisdom Seed
Dark Wizard W Straw Robe
War Lizard W Leather Armor
Cockatoris W Smelling Salts
Mazerunner W Sword
Sentinel 2 Steel Helm
Demonika 3 Ice Saber
Meat Zombie 4 Demon Staff
Vyper 4 Dark Block
Necromancer 4 Mercy Staff
Manturo 2 Double Axe
Kromeball 2 Sword
Mandrake 2 Healer Fruit
Demi-Wight 2 Worn Robe
Headhunter 2 Dark Scimitar
Battle Oxe 3 Great Axe
Deadhead 2 Longsword
Grim Specter 3 Magic Hood
Mad Tut 3 Enduro-Staff
Living Dead 3 Elven Hood
Fungoid 2 Breast Plate
Berserker 2 Bronze Lance
Cyblok C Firestaff
Deathguide C Wisdom Seed
Lokjaw 5 Magic Ring
Ragnarock 5 Magic Mail
Brimstone 5 Dream Blade
Ramiun 5 Sun Armor
Demonesk 5 Herb Water
Dragon Spawn 4 Iron Lance
Soulthief 3 Dark Scimitar
Salamander 2 Breast Plate
Kamil 2 Steelwhip
Deathserpent 3 Iron Armor
Tommy Hawk 3 Leather Robe
Warbird 4 Hexwhip
Wingblade 3 Fur Hood
Bloodrooster 3 Steel Helm
Killerbee 1 Depoison
Darkbat 1 Herb
Dark Hermit 1 Smelling Salts
Cave Slug 1 Wisdom Seed
Slimy Ooze 1 Herb

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