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Shining in the Darkness: Co-ordinates

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1. Stairs:
    From Level 1 to Level 2:  10S, 12E
    To Cave of Strength: S25, E28
    To Cave of Truth: S2, E28
2. Cave of Courage:
    stairs to boss:  10S, 9E
    To Cave of Truth: S2, E28
3. Cave of Truth:
    False Idol:  19S, 25E
4. Cave of Wisdom:
    Hole to end:  10S, 18E
    Hole to lower Level:  13S and E
5. Level 1:
    Yellow Pool:  21S, 24E
6. Level 3:
    Light Helm:  8S, 29E
    Light Shield:  9S, 1E
    Mystic Rope:  27S, 1E
    Yellow Pool:  23S, 18E
7. Level 4:
    Light Blade:  5S, 11E
    Cell Key:  13S, 9E
   Yellow Pool:  10S, 5E
    Second Spinner: S9, E17
8. Level 5:
    Light Armor:  5S, 9E
    Water Spirit's Fountain:  26S, 3E
9. Red Magic Walls:
    Cave of Strength:  27S, 13E
    Cave of Courage:  6S, 25E
    Cave of Truth:  6S, 17E
    	Use Orb of Truth:  6S, 26E
    Cave of Wisdom:  13S, 20E
10. Bosses:
    Kaiser Crab: 18S, 12E
    Tortolyde (Cave of Courage):  17S, 4E
    Doppler (Cave of Truth):  7S, 21E
    Grim Wall, Level 1:  20S, 16E
    Black Bone, Level 3:  27S, 19E
    Dark Knight, Level 4:  13S, 7E
    Dark Sol, Level 5:  11S, 15E

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