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Huge Cash Bonus
Go to a repair shop with a magic item (it must have lost it's power already). If you can't afford the repair job, drop off the object, go to sleep and return to collect it the next day. You'll get a huge cash bonus for doing this.
I've never actually been able to try it myself, because I can always afford the repair, but I've heard that it does work.

Equip Pyra with the Tiara
There is also a way to equip Pyra with the TIARA: the best way to do this is to save your game but don't quit, talk to the guy who gives you 200 gold coins for the Tiara and then press reset on the system.That way you get to keep the money and the Tiara! Equip it on PYRA. This is her permanent head gear. It's very strong.

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